The Lean Journey is a transforming and rewarding path. There is ample opportunity to achieve greatness for companies and people. There is also ample inconvenience, exhausting work and pain. There are many companies who start the Lean Journey and have some success and then creep back into the old way. There are only two reasons that I have seen for failure. The first is lack of total commitment from Leadership. The second, and most common, is not having the right talent in place to drive your Lean initiative. The Connell Group can help you find the talent. We are the most networked search firm in the Lean Six Sigma space and can find the "passive" talent that you need.
As an employer, I wonder if you are satisfied with the strength of your organization’s talent?  Does your talent deliver breakthrough results?  Does your leadership have the time or desire to continuously mine for the critical top talent?  Are you satisfied with the relationship you have and results you are getting from your existing Executive Search firm(s)?  If the answer is no, we want to assure you that things can be better.  The war for talent has begun and your previous talent acquisition methods will not continue to serve you.  A change must occur.  We want to assist you in that change.  Albert Einstein said, "No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it."
As a candidate, do you feel that the recruiters you’ve worked with had your best interests in mind?  Are you frustrated with recruiters vanishing after they were so hot to present you to a company?  The business climate has changed and it is a candidates market now.  It is possible to have a valuable, long-term relationship with a search firm.  We want to get to know you and what you aspire to.

Scott Connell
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