We know that the business climate is fast-paced and there is not enough time to get things done. Critical metrics must be attained or exceeded.

Unfortunately, we find that sourcing top talent gets pushed further down the list of critical items. Many organizations relegate talent management to the Human Resource function. We know from personal experience that HR Leaders simply do not have the time to devote to proper talent acquisition. There are many details to contend with in effective search to include sourcing talent via the internet (Google, Professional Associations, Networking sites, Job Boards, etc.), sourcing talent by phone, selling talent on your company, convincing a spouse, relocation, kids and school, closing the deal and the dreaded counteroffer. Top talent is also in high demand and companies must move quicker than ever to secure the best. We have had tremendous success navigating this turbulent business period.

Most of our clients prefer Contingency search. We have some that prefer a Retained approach and some who desire a hybrid Contained search. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate you.
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