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Tim Sanders says, “Your network is your net worth.”  We agree.  As the war for talent heats up, you will be lost without a viable network.  You should dedicate a small part of every week to do some networking.  The telephone is still the best tool to connect.  However, some people are intimidated at first and must take baby steps.
In this electronic age, it is critical that you position yourself to “be found” on the internet.  LinkedIn is an absolute must to jump start your networking.  It is free to add your profile.  Once you setup a LinkedIn profile, send me a request to connect at  I'll be glad to help you build your network.
This website is slanted toward Director-level and above, but don't let that deter you.  The website captures anything about a person on the internet (individual websites, articles, white papers, speeches at conferences, etc.) and builds a profile.  If you do not have an existing profile on ZoomInfo, you can build one for free.  I highly recommend you do so.  Some basic functionality is free.


Leaders are readers.  What are you reading that is adding to your capacity?  Corporate America is demanding and they expect much from you.  If you are not continuously reading and learning you won’t have anything to give.
Connell’s Favorite Books
Holy Bible – the greatest leadership book ever.  Jesus was the greatest living leader and said some things we need to know.  My opinion only........... I respect your choice to disagree.
Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders – Do you want to improve your networking, relationships and career?  This is a critical read.

The Radical Leap by Steve Farber – Transform your life and your job or organization.  This book is a catalyst for change.

Lean Thinking by James Womack and Daniel Jones - First book you should read when starting your Lean Journey.

The Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker - This book will take you deeper into Lean concepts and shows how one of the great companies of our time brilliantly uses Lean.


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