There is perhaps nothing more important to a job seeker than privacy and discretion. We understand that the job search must be handled with care, which is why all of our dealings are conducted with the strictest confidence. We keep your personal information protected, your interactions secured, and we never distribute your resume without your explicit consent.

Knowledge & Resources

Landing a great job takes more than just submitting applications and crossing fingers. From building a great resume to effectively preparing for interviews, we deliver the guidance you need to give yourself a steep competitive advantage. Additionally, we have resources to help you navigate the transition and handle the intricacies of leaving your current job.

Nationwide Jobs

As part of one of the most powerful recruiting networks in the country, we provide candidates access to more jobs in more locations. This means a greater chance of finding the position that is just right for you in a place you want to live. Our access adds maximum horsepower to your search, ensuring you find the company and position that truly matches your needs.


Top talent is what we seek, and we reward those who help us find it. If you refer a candidate to us who we subsequently place with one of our clients, we will pay you a finder's fee of $250 to $500. Furthermore, we will pay you a finder’s fee of $1,000 if you refer us a new company or client and we make a placement with them. 

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