The Challenge

Today’s business climate is increasingly fast paced, and with the demands to meet or exceed critical metrics, organizations simply do not have enough time to turn their attention away from the business at hand to focus on the sourcing and recruitment of top talent. The innumerable obstacles that hinder an effective recruitment effort (technologies, sourcing, relocation and counteroffers, just to name a few) are often too cumbersome for internal human resources departments to effectively navigate.

The Solution

The Connell Group delivers what most organizations simply lack in regards to talent acquisition: experience and agility. With a dwindling supply of top talent, companies are facing increased pressure to locate and secure the key players that can take them to the next level. The Connell Group provides companies with both recruiting and industry experience that is simply unmatched, as well as the agility to anticipate changes in the talent market and pivot accordingly.

The Services

With a range of services, The Connell Group can tailor a search to meet your needs and match your urgency.

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For the most critical searches, our retained option provides clients with a level of service that reflects their urgency. A designated fee structure ensures the highest priority.

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Our most popular service, our contingency service provides clients with a no-risk option that requires a fee only upon the successful placement of one of our candidates.

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With a small, upfront commitment fee, this option places a higher level of priority on your search, which is ideal for searches with a more immediate demand.

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Should your needs be temporary or uncertain, we offer full service contract placement including all back office administration. If you decide to hire the Contractor full-time, we can convert to a prorated placement fee.

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